Best Petrol Lawn Mower With Roller Reviews

Best Petrol Lawn Mower With Roller Reviews 2021

Are you looking for a petrol lawn mower with roller? Well, you made the right decision because petrol lawn tools are robust, powerful, and capable to deal with all the working conditions. You do not have to worry about the connecting cable or recharging the battery. Simply add some petrol to the mower and it will be good to go.

A roller lawnmower offers professional stripes and helps you to smooth all the imperfections, worm casts and divots. The roller also adds more stability and makes your mowing sessions comfortable. Today, we will discuss the top ten petrol roller lawn mowers, so that you can choose the best according to your gardening needs.

Buying Guide Of Petrol Lawnmower With Roller

You need to consider few factors while hunting for the best petrol lawn mower with roller.

Size Of The Garden

For a large garden, you need a powerful mower that can work hard without any complaints. Plus, it will be better to use a robust mower over a significant area. Otherwise, you will spend all your weekend trying to cut down the lawn grasses. Moreover, a powerful engine will also deal with thick and long grasses without taking much time.

Apart from the engine, you also need to consider the grass collection bag. Large grass storage will allow you to work on the lawn instead of emptying it repeatedly. So, choose a big collector in case you own a huge garden. As you are using a self-propelled or push mower with roller, there will not be any problems while carrying some extra weight of dead grasses.

Walk-behind Or Self-propelled

After reading the petrol lawn mower with roller reviews, it’s easy to understand that there are two types of mowers available in terms of movement. Push or walk-behind mowers asks you to do all the hard work, which is suitable if you have a small or medium-sized garden.

Self-propelled models don’t want you to apply any physical power, which is suitable for senior citizens. The automated machines are great when you need to cover a large area. Plus, they are perfect when there are inclines or slopes in your lawn.

Cutting Width

The cutting width is the width of blades on a mower. Wide edges can finish the grass cutting sessions quickly.

What is the size of your lawn? If you own a large price of land, then try a roller lawn mower with a cutting width of more than 40 cm. In case you have to maintain a small to the medium-sized area, try something more than 30 cm.

Cutting Height Adjustment

Depending upon the weather, season, type of grasses and multiple other factors, you need to change the grass cutting height. In case the grasses grow too long, you cannot cut it right back to the ground level at once. So, look for a mower that can give you a wide range of height adjustments.


While looking for a roller lawn mower you should also check its blade type. Cylinder mowers have a scissor-like cutting process, wherein multiple other edges rotate and cuts against a fixed module. It’s superb for flat lawns but might not provide satisfactory cutting results on uneven grounds.

Rotary mowers cuts using one or two blades rotating parallel along with the lawn. Such a rotary mower with roller can easily cut the grasses on uneven lawns. However, the performance varies.

Cylinder mowers offer smooth cutting results when compared to the rotary versions. However, which mower type you should choose depends upon the lawn type. For instance, if you own a flat garden, then try a cylinder mower. On the contrary, if the lawn is rough and bumpy, then going for a rotary unit might be a better idea.

Best Petrol Lawn Mower With Roller 2021

NameCutting widthGrass bag
Hyundai [Top Pick] 48 cm70 litres
Hayter 61741 cm55 litres
Cobra RM40SPCE40 cm50 litres
Mountfield SP425R41 cm55 litres
Hayter Spirit41 inches55 litres
Mountfield S421R41 cm55 litre
Cobra RM40SPC40 cm50 litres
HYM480SPER48 cm70 litres
Hayter Harrier41 cm60 litres


Best Petrol Lawnmower With Roller Reviews

1. Hyundai HYM480SPR- Best Petrol Mower With Roller

Hyundai Petrol Roller Mowers - HYM480SPR


  • Engine: 139cc
  • Grass bag: 70 litres
  • Cutting width: 48cm
  • Cutting heights: 25 to 75 mm.


Hyundai HYM480SPR is the best petrol lawn mower with roller that comes with an OHV 4-stroke, Euro 5 139cc engine and cutting width of 48 cm. It has a steel blade, which is suitable for large lawns and thick grasses. This model features 5 cutting levels that you can adjust using a single lever.

HYM480SPR has an inbuilt rear roller that can create stripes on your lawn. Then, it has a 70-litre grass collection bag, which is made of polypropylene. Apart from collecting the grass, the mower can also rear discharge them. However, there is no mulching function in this lawn tool.

The grass bag plastic top and aerated sides promote airflow for better grass management. Moreover, it has a level indicator that lets you know to dispose of the grass clippings. Furthermore, the machine has a hose connector for easy cleaning and foldable handles that allows easy transport and secure storage.

The cutting heights are available between 25 to 75 mm. Do you see the lowest level? It’s helpful when you are using the rear roller to create stripes. Plus, the mower is self-propelled and has OPC (Operator Presence Control) technology. This means the machine will not run away even if you leave its handles.

Hyundai self propelled petrol rear roller lawnmower moves at a steady speed. As it has a full-width roller, you can easily cover grasses on the slopes and other uneven areas. The roller makes its manoeuvrability easy, especially around flower beds and other tight corners.


  • Powerful, reliable and long-lasting
  • Low emission and low maintenance engine
  • Two in one cutting features
  • Single lever for height adjustment
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Self-propelled drive with OPC.


  • Lacks the mulching feature.


2. Hayter Spirit 41 Review  (Mower with roller)

Hayter 617 Spirit 41 Push Rear Roller Petrol Mower


  • Engine: 125 cc
  • Grass bag: 55 litres
  • Cutting width: 41 cm
  • Cutting heights: 15 to 65 mm.


Hayter 617 Spirit 41 petrol mower comes with a full-width rear roller and cutting width of 41cm. This mower with roller has 7 cutting heights available between 13 to 65 mm. Apart from that, it has a large grass collector worth 55 litres.

The rear roller lawnmower uses a Briggs & Stratton 450 E Series engine that has a displacement of 125cc. This engine adds little to the heft but supplies consistent power so that you can easily deal with thick grasses. Plus, it’s durable and easy to start.

Hayter mower has a hybrid deck constructed using plastic and aluminium. So, its strong, lightweight and remains rust-free. But, the deck has a width of 47 cm, which is wider than its blades. So, you might find some missing grasses while mowing along the walls.

Height adjustment of the mower is easy because of a single lever control. You will like the fact that its blade is expert in lifting the grasses after cutting them. The lifting makes the grasses healthier and also improves airflow so that the grass clippings can easily glide towards the grass box instead of sticking anywhere else.

Hayter 617 Spirit 41 is an entry-level lawn tool that’s suitable for medium-sized lawns up to 261m². All thanks to the roller, the machine is easy to manoeuvre. There are corrugations on the rear roller that pushes down the grasses as the unit moves. So, it deserves a trial if you want to add some class and style to your lawn.


  • Power and durable Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Excellent build quality for long-lasting services
  • Wide full-width rear roller
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant deck
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Decent grass collection.


  • Lacks washing port
  • No mulching plug available.


3. Cobra RM40SPCE 40cm Rotary Mower with Roller

Cobra RM40SPCE 40cm (16in) Petrol Lawnmower


  • Engine: 135cc
  • Grass bag: 50 litres
  • Cutting width: 40 cm
  • Cutting heights: 25 to 75 mm.


Cobra RM40SPCE is a durable lawn maintenance tool available with a full-width roller that can produce the classical stripes on your lawn. It takes power from a 4-stroke 135cc engine and makes the lawn mowing sessions fast and easy. This roller mower has a high quality built and self-propulsion so that you don’t have to apply much efforts to cut the lawn grasses.

The self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a rear roller has a cutting width of 40 cm (16 inches). Then, it has 10 cutting levels between 25 to 75 mm. You can adjust the cutting heights using an easy to operate the lever.

RM40SPCE comes with a 50-litre grass collection bag so that you can easily cover a medium-sized lawn without too many trips to the disposal ground. Attachment and removal of this bag are easy as well. Apart from that, Operator Pressure Control makes sure that this mower with roller can stop once you leave its handlebar.

Weighing only 28 kg, RM40SPCE easily glides all over your garden without any troubles. All thanks to the larger rear wheel, it easily deals with slopes and hills. Once you are done with the mowing sessions, its foldable handles and collapsible grass bag facilitates secure storage. So, the mower deserves your attention, if you own a medium and large lawn.


  • High-quality construction
  • Self-propelled and that’s easy to use
  • Multiple cutting height adjustments
  • Large wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Collapsible handles for easy storage.


  • Works at high sound levels when compared to other models.


4. Mountfield SP425R Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower with Rear Roller

Mountfield SP425R 41cm Self-Propelled Rear Roller Petrol Lawnmower


  • Engine: 145 cc
  • Grass bag: 55 litres
  • Cutting width: 41 cm
  • Cutting heights: 20 to 70 mm.


Mountfield is a reputable manufacturer of gardening tools. Its products are made to last and are available at reasonable price ranges. SP425R is also a top-notch lawn maintenance tool that comes with a 145 cc Honda OHV engine to enough power to deal with thick grasses as well as hilly terrains.

SP425R has a strong and durable steel chassis. It comes with a rear roller that is effective when you need stripes on the lawn. The roller adds extra stability so that you can cut the grasses without losing balance.

Due to a 41 cm cutting width, the roller lawn mower can easily cover a medium-sized garden. It has five preset cutting adjustments available between 20 to 70 mm. Then, there is a grass collection bag worth 55 litres that ensures you don’t have to make multiple trips to the disposal area.

Made of canvas, the grass bag is easy to empty and reattach. Plus, there is a level indicator to let you know when to take it out for emptying. Apart from that, the self-propelled petrol lawn mower with a rear roller has an anti-scalp comb that ensures a smooth finish and also maximizes airflow for excellent grass collection.

The petrol mower with roller is self-driven and has a single speed setting of 4.1 km/h. It features a soft and ergonomic grip that keeps you comfortable. Plus, this model has a warranty of 5 years, which is very useful in case you face any trouble.


  • Solid and long-lasting engine
  • The level indicator on the grass box
  • Foldable handles for easy and secure storage
  • Warranty of 5 years.


  • Can be noisy.


5. Hayter Spirit 41 Autodrive Rotary Lawn Mower with Roller

Hayter Spirit 41 Autodrive Roller Rotary Mower


  • Engine: 125cc
  • Grass bag: 55 litres
  • Cutting width: 41 inches
  • Cutting heights: 13 to 65 mm.


Hayter manufacturers some of the finest mower in the UK. You will agree with us after seeing smooth cuts and classic stripes produced by the Spirit 41 Autodrive. Suitable for small to medium-sized lawns, it’s a self-propelled mower with a rear roller. The lawn tool is durable, convenient to use, and performance-oriented.

A powerful Briggs & Stratton 450E Series™ OHV engine is the heart of Spirit 41 Autodrive. It has a maximum speed of 4 km/h so that you can move forward steadily and get high-quality cuts without many efforts. The roller mower has seven cutting height levels available between 13 to 65 mm. You can change the heights using a single lever.

This rotary mower with a roller has a strong deck made of ABS polymer while its chassi is constructed using aluminium. Even after a strong buit, the machine is lightweight and easy to operate. Its full-width rear roller can make crisp stripes on your lawn. Plus, the roller has performance fins that offer high-class cutting results and also improve grass collection.

Hayter Spirit 41 Autodrive is fitted with a friction disc to protect the crankshaft in case its blade hits a solid object. A 55-litre grass collection box is another impressive feature of the Spirit 41 Autodrive. The grass bag is easy to remove when you want rear discharge. Apart from that, the product has 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, this mower with a roller might be perfect if are looking for a versatile and performance-oriented lawn maintenance tool.


  • Self-propelled and easy to use
  • Outstanding built for durability
  • Decent grass collection
  • Friction disc for added protection.


  • No mulching function
  • Comparatively expensive.


6. Mountfield S421R PD Petrol Roller Mower

Mountfield S421R PD 41cm Self Propelled Petrol Rear Roller Lawnmower


  • Engine: 139cc
  • Grass bag: 55 litres
  • Cutting width: 41 cm
  • Cutting height: 20 – 70 mm.


Well, we can’t stay away from Mountfield because it manufactures some of the best rear roller lawn mowers for medium lawns and S421R PD is no different. Powered by a 139ccc STIGA ST140 Autochoke engine, it might be a great investment if you own an average-sized garden. Besides, the lawn tool has a rear roller that leaves stylish stripes on your lawn.

Mountfield mower with roller has a steel deck, which is made to last and adds to its stability. Its auto choke engine runs at 2900 RPM to produce 2 kW, which is sufficient to deal with thick grasses. With a generous cutting width of 41 cm, this unit covers a large area without taking much of your time. Plus, it has 5 cutting height levels available between 20 to 70 mm.

Mountfield S421R PD is self-propelled, which means you simply need to guide this machine and it will do the needful. This model has a fixed speed of 4.1 km/h, which is suitable for all users. It has front-wheel drive that’s useful when you are dealing with hilly terrains.

The self propelled petrol rear roller lawnmower comes with a warranty of 5 years. It operates at a maximum sound level of 96 dB, which is not very high when we talk about petrol propelled lawn tools. Apart from that, the rear roller lawn mower has a 55-litre grass collection with a level indicator. So, you will know when to dispose of the clippings.


  • High-quality engine for uninterrupted power supply
  • Self-driven for effortless cutting results
  • Decent cutting width
  • Grass level indicator
  • Warranty of 5 years.


  • Speed is fixed; cannot be adjusted.


7. Cobra RM40SPC Petrol Mower with Roller

Cobra RM40SPC 40cm Self Propelled Petrol Roller Mower


  • Engine: 135cc
  • Grass bag: 50 litres
  • Cutting width: 40 cm
  • Cutting height: 17 to 75 mm.


Snake is the only animal or reptile that you can relate to with lawn strips. And Cobra is one of the reliable brands when we talk about lawnmowers. RM40SPC is another self propelled petrol lawn mower with rear roller that can create perfect stripes on your lawn.

The petrol outdoor tool is stylish and attractive. You will not find a bright red mower with a racing stripe on its body. The mower with roller has a pull recoil starting system, instead of an electric start. However, you don’t have to worry because the engine starts without any chokes.

Cobra RM40SPC comes with a 135cc OHV (overhead valve) engine, which is lightweight and small. However, it never lacks in power when you need to get rid of long or thick grasses. With a decent engine and a cutting width of 40 cm, this rear roller lawn mower is suitable for lawns up to 600m2.

Whether you want to keep the grasses short or long, RM40SPC got you covered. You can change the cutting heights between 17 to 75 mm using a simple lever placed near its roller. The lever has a soft and ergonomic design, which feels comfortable in your hands.

This outdoor tool has a full-width rear roller that also works as rear wheels. So, the roller with an overall weight of 35 kg presses all the lawn grasses to create highly defined stripes.

Equipped with a significant grass collection bag worth 50 litres, Cobra RM40SPC is the best petrol lawn mower with roller for medium-sized lawns. This bag is built using high-grade plastic and fabric, boosts airflow for efficient grass collection.


  • Stylish appearance and durable built quality
  • Self-propulsion for ease of use
  • Reasonable price tag.


  • Comparatively heavier than other mowers with the same cutting width.


8. Hyundai HYM480SPER-Petrol Roller Lawn Mower

Hyundai Petrol Lawnmower - HYM480SPER


  • Engine: 139cc
  • Grass bag: 70 litres
  • Cutting width: 48 cm
  • Cutting heights: 25 to 75 mm.


Hyundai HYM480SPER is a high-quality rotary lawnmower that comes with a rear roller to create mowing strips in your garden. It has an electric start and a decent 48 cm cutting width. So, you don’t have to pull any cords to power this machine. Plus, you can finish the lawn mowing sessions quickly due to its significant deck.

This rotary lawn mower with a roller has an OHV 4-stroke 139cc engine that works without making much noise. Plus, its fuel-efficient and keeps the operational cost minimal. Apart from an electric start, the unit also has a recoil start that you can use as a backup in case the battery is not functioning properly.

Suitable for medium-sized lawns, HYM480SPER has five cutting heights available between 25 to 75 mm. You can easily adjust the heights using a single point lever. Besides, rear discharge and collection are the two grass management options available in this rotary mower with roller.

Cleaning the rotary lawn mower with roller is easy because it has a deck wash port. So, you only need to connect a garden hose with its port for hassle-free cleaning. Besides, the outdoor tool has foldable handles that reduce storage space up to a great extent.

If you like professional British stripes, then HYM480SPER is one of the best options to try. It comes with a 38 cm spilt rear roller that can change the appearance of your lawn in no time. The machine collects all the grass clippings in a 70 litres bag, which is made of fabric and has a hard plastic top.


  • Electric push-button start
  • Low fuel consumption engine
  • Single point height adjustable lever
  • Self-propulsion with OPC
  • Deck cleaning connection
  • Foldable handles for secure storage.


  • Poor customer support if you face any trouble.


9. Hayter Harrier 376B Rear Roller Lawn Mower For Medium Lawns

Hayter Harrier 376B Electric Start Rear Roller Variable Speed Rotary Mower


  • Engine: 163cc
  • Grass bag: 60 litres
  • Cutting width: 41 cm
  • Cutting heights: 13 to 60 mm.


Hayter Harrier 376B takes away all your lawn maintenance chores with a lightweight body and powerful 163cc engine that can cut through long or thick grasses. This lawn maintenance unit has an inbuilt rear roller that keeps it stable and manoeuvrable so that you can easily cut the grasses. Plus, it can create attractive stripes whenever you want to change the appearance of your lawn.

The rotary mower with roller comes with an Autodrive system, which allows you to change its speed according to your pace. Don’t worry about the starting process as well because this model has InStart® technology. You simply need to turn a key and its engine will start.

Harrier 376B enjoys a 60 litres grass collection built with aerospace technology, which reduces the number of grass clippings. You will like the fact that this mower is fuel-efficient and hence, you will not have to invest much in its operational cost.

Due to the strong built, this rotary lawn mower with roller withstands the test of time even after regular usage. All thanks to its corrosion-free aluminium deck, the unit maintains its shine for many more years to come. There is also a friction disc that protects the unit’s engine in case its blades hit something solid.


  • Strong corrosion-resistant deck
  • A mighty engine to perform well in any cutting conditions
  • Variable speed settings
  • Key start; no need to pull cords
  • Fuel efficient and produces less carbon emission.


  • Comparatively expensive.


Benefits of Rear Roller Lawn Mower

Best For Uneven Ground

High-quality mowers with rear roller are designed for residential as well as commercial projects. So, you choose one of them to deal with mixed grounds. Capable of dealing with uneven surfaces, push mower with roller might be a suitable investment. Choose a self-propelled version if you need to maintain a large area.

Real roller adds to the stability and also deal with imperfections. So, a roller mower could be a better option if you own a lawn with uneven grounds. Rear roller works as support on slopes, especially if the mower is self-propelled. It keeps the mower stable even if you are mowing on an incline or decline surface.

It Has a Firming Action

A rear roller lawn mower suppresses the lawn grasses for a defined appearance. Due to the added weight and roller, you will notice that the stripes re not only stylish but are more professional than ever.

It won’t Drop Over the Edge of the Lawn

As we discussed earlier, the roller adds to stability. Hence, there are no chances the unit will drop over the edge. You only need to be careful and a roller mower will do the rest.

Is it a Good Choice or Not?

Well, to answer this question, we need to know; do you like stripes? If yes then, a push mower with roller might be worth your investment. You can try a self propelled petrol lawn mower with rear roller in case you don’t want to invest much energy and time in lawn maintenance. However, you need to make sure that the lawn is even. Otherwise, the rear roller will wobble from repeatedly.

A petrol mower with roller can easily deal with slopes. So, you don’t have to worry if there are some hilly areas in the garden. Keep in mind that you should purchase a mower according to the lawn size. Try a small unit for a compact or small-sized yard. Otherwise, you will not be able to manoeuvre it along with tight corners. Similarly, you need to look for a powerful lawn maintenance machine with big blades in case of a huge garden.

Bottom line

Now you know the 10 best petrol roller lawn mowers available in the UK market. We have selected these models after extensive research, expert suggestions and buyer’s feedback. All the options are great, but you need to purchase one of them depending upon your gardening needs.

Hyundai HYM480SPR is the best petrol lawn mower with roller. Other recommendations are equally valuable. You simply need to check the garden’s size, budget, movement type to choose the right tool. If you face any confusion, then check the included buying guide. Make an informed and confident purchase decision after considering all the points that we discussed. Happy mowing.

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