How Do You Start a Lawn Mower that won't Start

How Do You Start A Lawn Mower That Won’t Start?

No need to panic if your mower won’t start. Do not even think of investing in a new one before you find out the reason. It could be something very simple, which you can fix easily without any professional help.

Here, we will discuss how to fix a lawnmower that won’t start. The troubleshooting steps will be different according to the model you are using. So, we suggest that you read the owner’s manual before doing anything with the outdoor tool.

The Lawnmower won’t Start After Winter

The Lawnmower won’t Start After Winter

Are you using petrol propelled mower? Then, it might refuse to start after the winters. The problem could be with the spark plug or fuel blockage that stopping the fuel to reach the engine. If you are facing trouble starting your mower right after the cold seasons, then try the following solutions.

  • Use the choke. If the mower has a manual choke, then you should use it.
  • Prime the engine: Most of the petrol dependent mower comes with a priming function. So, press the primers. You need to prime the engine even if it ran out of fuel while cutting the grasses.
  • Fill fresh fuel: Old fuel might not co-operate well with the engine. So, we suggest that you use fresh petrol and make sure that the tank is not blocked.
  • Inspect the spark plug: Check if the spark plug is properly connected. If the plug is end of life, damaged, or corroded, then replace it. Use a solvent to clean the plug if it’s dirty.
  • Check the air filter: A clogged filter will disturb the combustion process. So, check the filter and clean or replace this component according to its condition.
  • Check all the cables: Make sure all the wires are connected properly, especially the points near your starter.
  • Check the fuel tank and make sure there are no water droplets.

Lawnmower won’t Start in Peak Season

Now you know what to do if the lawnmower won’t turn over right after you took it out after winter storage. But, if such an incident occurs in a peak season, then also you should follow the above-mentioned solutions. In case the mower doesn’t turn on, then you need to check its carburetor. If you see chalky corrosion on this component, then you need to replace it.

Lawnmower won’t Start in Peak Season

The next step is to check the fuel filter. The engine cannot receive any juice if the fuel filter is blocked or the carburetor or inlet is stuck. Take out the fuel line at the carburetor and the gas will flow out. If nothing happens then take out the fuel line just ahead of the fuel filter inlet. If the gas flows, then the filter is blocked.

On the other hand, if the gas doesn’t flow, then the fuel line is blocked. You should also check the fuel tank for any debris that could be blocking the outlet.

If the gas is flowing to the carburetor, then you need to check if there is any fuel in the bowl. Use a c-clamp to clamp off the fuel line and then remove the bowl. If the bowl does not have any fuel, then the needle and seat might be the problem. You can replace them. But, check the carburetor before replacing these two components. If the carburetor is corroded, then replace it as we were discussing earlier.

The Starter Rope is Stuck or Hard to Pull

The Starter Rope is Stuck or Hard to Pull

One of the common reasons for such troubles is that the flywheel brake (the lever you squeegee to move the mower and its engine stops once you leave the bar). Make sure you hold down the bar close to the handle before pulling the starter rope.

Such trouble also occurs when your mower is clogged with grasses. So, move your mower to a flat surface and disengage its spark plug. Check the mower’s underside and clear all the clippings. Bring the mower back to the lawn and give it a try.


Try to fix your mower before calling the repairman or replacing the machine. Don’t let your frustrations control you. Instead of investing $100 to $300 on a new mower, you should look at the available options. If you are a beginner, then it will be better to call a professional. It would still be cost-effective than a new mower.

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