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How To Buy The Best Garden Shredder

What are garden shredders, and why do you need one? Garden shredders are a type of equipment that helps you chop up garden trash into fine pieces either for disposal or for other uses.

If you are always looking for an easy way to get rid of garden trash in your garden, then you need a garden shredder. You will capably deal with a considerable amount of waste in your garden if you invest in the best garden shredder.

But how do you get the garden shredder that will best suit your needs? What features do you need to look out for? If those are some of the questions on your mind, then you are in the right place.

Before we start with the garden shredder review, let’s discuss some types of garden shredders.

How To Buy The Best Garden Shredder

 Types of Garden Shredders 

Rollers or Blades?

The rollers and blades are the two main cutting systems of garden shredder mulchers. The rollers crush and cut the waste into fine pieces while the blades just cut through the material without crushing.

Blades cutting efficiency will give you more efficiency when dealing with leafy or green trash that is relatively fresh.

Garden shredders are, therefore, of three types.

  • Petrol Shredders
  • Roller Shredders
  • Impact Shredders.

Petrol Shredders

This type of shredders offers you more power and flexibility than electric shredders since you can move them around the garden as you work. They will give you high-quality cuttings if you’re okay with high maintenance costs.

You will be required to service them regularly, not forgetting having to refill them with petrol regularly. That makes them quite expensive and consequently not a very popular choice.

Roller Shredders

Roller shredders get their name from the ridged roller inside the machine that cuts and crushes garden debris. If your garden has a lot of tree waste, this type of shredder will be the best option.

It draws in the trash before cutting and shredding it. The only problem with this type is that they tend to get blockages too often. You can, however, get one with accessible rollers that allow you to minimize the blockages.

If you choose this type, go for a relatively lightweight machine since some can be quite heavy. And they can be quite pricey as well.

Impact Shredders

These shreds also go by the name rapid shredders. They come with a sharp spinning blade that quickly chops trash into tiny pieces. They work best on leaves and green branches.

They are not, however, very efficient in cutting wood. Their spinning blade mechanism also makes them quite noisy. You can, however, get some comfort from them being less expensive than other types.

However, you will have to contend with having to change the blades every time they get blunt. Impact shredders are also relatively lightweight and, as a result, can be easy to move around the garden.

Petrol vs. Electric Shredders

Most gardeners will unsurprisingly opt for the electric models of garden shredders UK. That’s because of how easy they are to maintain. They will also not eat up any extra money apart from jerking up the electricity bill.

Petrol shredders, on the other hand, will need you to refill them with petrol regularly. They also produce so many fumes that are a consequence of the petrol engine burning up fuel.

Some people prefer them because of how flexible they are relative to their electric counterparts. If you’re in a remote area and need a shredder that will give you the freedom to move around as your shred trash, the petrol shredder is best for you.

Electric shredders have a cable and can therefore limit your reach when using them. That is where the length of the cable plays a significant role.

Petrol shredders have no such issues. The main downside with the petrol shredders is in their price. Yes, they are more flexible and can cut thicker branches, but they can be quite pricey.

What Are The Features of The Best Garden Shredder?

  1. The Length of the Cable

Since most of the models are electric, you will need to consider the cable’s length carefully. A short cable will limit your freedom of movement as you use the garden mulcher.

You should thus ensure you select one with the longest possible cable. You don’t want your movement constrained with a shirt cable.

  1. Collection Bag

The best garden mulcher shredder mulcher should come with a collection bag. It is a significant feature because it is where the garden trash settles once the machine shreds it.

If the collection bag is missing, a sturdy bag can be a proper substitute.

  1. The Plunger

A plunger is a part of the garden waste shredder whose work is to push the trash into the shredder. It also prevents the shredder from hurting your hands or fingers. Any shredder worth its salt should have it.

You can use a robust stick in its place if your shredder doesn’t come with it.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Garden Shredder

  1. Safety

How safe is the garden chipper? Are there any potential risks involved in using it? Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself whenever you want to purchase a shredder.

Safety refers to features such as the plunger, which allows the machine to collect the garden trash. The plunger protects your fingers from potential injuries.

If the shredder is quite loud, you will need to get some earmuffs. Gloves will also come in handy each time you use a shredder.

  1. The Type of Waste They can Deal With

Some shredders will only cut leaves or green branches and might not be suitable for twigs or branches. That is one of the factors to consider before buying a shredder.

You don’t want to end up with a shredder that doesn’t work great for the kind of trash in your garden. That is why the thickness of the branches it can cut matters.

  1. The Price: How Much Does It Cost?

No tool worth its salt comes cheap. That, however, doesn’t mean you have to pay over the top for it. The approximate price for suitable garden shredders is usually between £100 and £800.

The Petrol models are, however, more expensive and might cost you upwards of £1000. It will ultimately lie with you and your budget to judge which one you can afford.

  1. The Ease of Use

You don’t want a machine that will give you a hard time operating. That is why you need to go for a machine that is relatively simpler to use. Most garden shredders, however, are relatively straightforward in operation.

Typically, heavier models will be harder to use, especially in challenging terrains. It will be harder to maneuver some areas with such a shredder. Access to the blades to make adjustments whenever needed is also a critical factor.

Still, some might have complicated parts that make their operation quite challenging. That is why you need to consider the ease of use of the shredder before purchase.

  1. The Level of Noise

While most garden shredders are noisy, some try to keep the noise to a minimum. You should consider the level of noise the machine will produce. Overly loud shredders can be quite a nuisance and will require you to have earmuffs on.

Why Do You Need a Garden Shredder?

Maybe you’re here but still asking yourself, what do I need a garden shredder for? Well, there are certain benefits we can attribute to using a garden shredder.

If you’re tired of having to pile and wait for garden trash to dry before burning, a garden shredder will benefit you. It will make tidying up your garden a very straightforward task.

A garden shredder will make it easier for you to deal with such trash since it cuts them into smaller pieces. Smaller pieces make for more straightforward disposal as you can place them in a large bag and even carry them in your car.

If you plan on using your garden trash as organic manure, then a garden mulcher would come in handy. After cutting the garden trash, you can use it to mulch plants in your garden instead of disposing of it.

If you’re looking to make a compost heap, a garden shredder will come in handy. The shredder cuts garden leaves or tree branches that are an essential part of a compost heap.


  • Garden shredders can be quite dangerous if you use them haphazardly. Always ensure you are wearing gloves to prevent injuries on your hands. Also, remember to wear earmuffs, especially if you are using a loud shredder.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best garden shredder isn’t a complicated affair, as you can see from what we have outlined here. Always look at how safe the shredder is and whether it will be easy to use on different terrains.

The shredder’s price should also play a significant role in whether or not you choose it. With our guide, you will find it easier to select the leaf shredder UK.

Happy shredding!

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